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Extraction equipment factory explain: extraction equipment selection to consider what conditions?

by:Deyuan      2020-07-26

extraction equipment is based on the principle of the extraction of the solubility of the mixture of different components of a efficient separating operation technology. At present, extraction equipment in energy use, biological and medical engineering, scientific research experiment field has a large-scale application. Extraction equipment is divided into multiple, including centrifugal extractor, plug plate extraction tower and so on. Extraction equipment selection are considering a variety of conditions, the following to explain in detail by the extraction equipment factory. 。 Physical and chemical properties of the material we praise of extraction equipment factory in order to meet the needs of the liquid-liquid extraction and solid liquid extraction, the production of a variety of extraction equipment. Elected by extraction device, extraction equipment factory remind considering material physical and chemical properties is critical. Used for liquid-liquid extraction equipment, for example, when the interfacial tension between two liquids is big, the droplets is difficult to disperse, and easy to merge, request extraction equipment to mechanical energy input to improve the mass transfer performance. If the liquid-liquid interfacial tension is small, easy to emulsification and small density difference is difficult to a layered system, so the centrifugal extraction made selection. 。 For extracting the amount of material factory will according to different application fields for extracting material quantity to design a variety of specifications of the equipment. Centrifugal extractor, for example, can be divided into large, medium, and small, including large and medium-sized centrifugal extractor is a more suitable extraction operation and engineering scale. As for the small centrifugal extractor is generally applied to scientific research and quality control testing laboratory analysis such as fields. 。 Material extraction equipment factory of special physical properties on choosing extraction equipment can't ignore the special physical properties of materials. Strong corrosive material, extraction equipment factory advice to choose simple structure of packing tower, pulsed packed tower; For the extraction of radioactive elements, pulse and mixed - Settler use morer; When the system contains the suspended solid, or produce precipitation, the mixed - Settler was suitable. Oerall, the right selection of extraction equipment is not a simple matter, but rather to consider a variety of conditions, including physical and chemical properties, material extraction material quantity, and the special properties of the material. In addition, the credibility of good extraction equipment factory also stressed the balance of the retention period of material, material required series are extraction equipment selection are taken into consideration.
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