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Extraction equipment for pharmaceutical intermediates phosphate waste recycling research progress

by:Deyuan      2020-08-11
In production of active pharmaceutical ingredients and pharmaceutical intermediates in the pharmaceutical industry as the main products, the production process of waste acid pollution nots allow to ignore. In the process of pharmaceutical intermediates production by often choose more or solvent polyphosphoric acid as the catalyst, and therefore can produce a large number of phosphate wastewater. Waste phosphoric acid complex components, can be poor biochemical, biological toxicity, preprocessing, need to be recycled after phosphate into biochemical processing. Pharmaceutical waste recycling of the phosphoric acid is one of problems to solve in the pharmaceutical industry.

polyphosphoric acid ( PPA) Is a kind of relatively stable proton acid catalyst, is not easy to hydrolysis and cool compounds, the acetic acid base reaction good catalytic activity, less side effects, etc. , are widely used in most of the domestic pharmaceutical enterprises in the production of main products are active pharmaceutical ingredients and pharmaceutical intermediates. Due to the complex waste phosphoric acid fluid sources, composition, high concentration organic pollutant, and great variety, toxicity, become one of the most polluted industrial waste acid.

for pharmaceutical intermediates waste phosphoric acid of high COD, high pH, high colority, and high toxicity and poor biochemical and impurity complex structure, the characteristics of the commonly used treatment methods are: physicochemical treatment and biochemical treatment method. The traditional biochemical treatment process, must first to such preprocessing of phosphoric acid waste liquid to reduce acid biochemical toxicity, otherwise it is hard to reach discharge standards. Physico-chemical treatment method are: direct roasting method, coagulation precipitation, adsorption, membrane separation, extraction, neutralization and advanced oxidation process and so on. The solvent extraction method is one of the common effective pharmaceutical intermediates phosphate waste recycling process.

to choose a kind of waste acid in the acid solution big but with water solubility and mutual miscibility of organic solvents, so that the expected recovery of material dissolves in methods for extraction of organic phase. In the solvent extraction, using centrifugal extraction machine operate extraction separation effect is significant.

centrifugal extraction machine is a new, rapid, efficient liquid-liquid extraction separation equipment. Extraction company launched. cwl - zhengzhou days M series centrifugal extraction machine with independent intellectual property rights of new equipment, patent number: ZL2014205865573, same processing conditions, the series centrifugal extraction machine lower power consumption, the remaining time is short, split phase quickly, high extraction efficiency, save the investment cost and solvent recycling fee.

extraction is the key to choose a suitable organic solvent, selected after good extraction agent, will waste phosphoric acid solution and extraction agent according to certain proportion in the centrifugal extraction machine, with the aid of the rotation of the drum, through the turbine disc and the impeller to make two phase mixing and dispersing quickly, two phase solution fully mass transfer, mixing and mass transfer process. Mixture again after the effect of drum centrifugal force through two separate out of the body side by side. Extraction phase into the sewage farm for biochemical treatment, extraction phase with alkali extraction, the extraction solvent recycle.

related extraction equipment figure:

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