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Extraction equipment from the recovery of rare earth elements in rare earth polishing powder waste

by:Deyuan      2020-08-28
China's rare earth polishing powder usage of thousands of tons a year, after most of the use of rare earth polishing powder as the solid waste landfills. Abandoned the rare earths in rare earth polishing powder content is higher, however, this article mainly introduces the using flotation method, solvent extraction, liquid membrane separation and enrichment method three methods to extract abandoned the rare earth elements in rare earth polishing powder, to realize the recycling of rare earths has important reference significance.
principle of flotation recovery of rare earth elements
flotation process is the most widely used in the production of selected gold a dressing method, is the use of mineral surface physical and chemical properties of difference to choose a kind of method of ore.
with hydrophobic mineral particles themselves surface or through the flotation reagents to produce or enhance the hydrophobicity. Hydrophobic is oil and gas, is available in liquid, gas or water - Oil interface aggregation. Although after a series of process of gold grain density can with bubbles and flotation agent affinity and � � with flotation machine of the surface of the ore fluid, recycling products will serve as a bubble.
when the selected particles smaller than l0um need to adopt special flotation process. Common useful flocculant flocculant of gold minerals make fine grained gold or larger particles, condensed from gangue fine mud after floating to coarse grain of gangue, the flocculation - Flotation. Charge carrier flotation is using particle size suitable for the flotation of the ore grain as Dutch carrier, make the microgranular gold adhesion on surface charge carrier and into gold concentrate with buoyancy. Use oil to make fine ore grain reunion reunited for flotation oil flotation and emulsified flotation. Using high temperature chemical reaction to make metal mineral in the ore into metal before flotation separation flotation of gold ore is not often used. About using foam flotation recovery of gold mud, our country will be used in industrial field.
principle of liquid membrane separation enrichment method of recovery of rare earth element
liquid membrane separation technology is based on liquid membrane separation medium, the concentration as the driving force of liquid - Liquid extraction and reverse extraction process combining as one of the separation process. Separation effect of the liquid membrane is usually added surfactant solvent phase, liquid film on both sides of the by extraction and reverse extraction phase is usually can miscibility. Liquid membrane separation technology used in wet metallurgy industry, petroleum and chemical industry, biochemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, environmental protection and other fields.
liquid membrane by the solvent (usually Water or organic solvent) , surface active agent and additives. The solvent is a liquid membrane substrate; Surfactants hydrophilic lipophilic group group oriented in the solvent is the key to the film; Additives main role is to ensure that the strength of the membrane and enhance the permeability of the membrane.
liquid membrane separation process for separation of liquid is a micro combination of extraction and reverse extraction. Process of liquid membrane for gas separation is the micro combination of absorption and desorption. Configuration with emulsion liquid membrane, hydrophobic microporous membrane supported liquid membrane, the regeneration type of hydrophobic microporous membrane supported liquid membrane, non-porous rubber membrane solution of liquid membrane, and the hollow fiber membrane.
solvent extraction method of recovery of rare earth element
solvent extraction is a kind of rare earth polishing powder from waste residue of embarrassment for piecewise recovery of rare earth elements, the method of using centrifugal extraction machine grading extraction technology solutions for the failure polishing powder, polishing powder, slag particles component separation, in the primary link failure polishing powder particles to extract from La, Pr elements, in the secondary link failure polishing powder particles from extracting Ce elements; Based on the two levels of technological process, at the same time of rare earth elements can be clearer separation recycling; And through chemical method in different process were taken out of the impurity in the slag components and impurity elements, to ensure that the product of high physical property indexes. The present invention provides a resource with high efficiency, mild process conditions, simple technological process, the products meet the high property index method.
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