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Extraction equipment selection

by:Deyuan      2020-09-12
For extraction equipment selection, in fact, there are a lot of extraction equipment is developed according to the requirements of the specific process, and then applied in other areas. From the technical and economic point of view, can't say which kind of extraction equipment for all the solvent extraction process is the best. Should be according to the physical and chemical properties of system, the demands of the processing and extraction to the extraction equipment evaluation and selection. In order to compare design for all kinds of extraction equipment machinery is a difficult task, should fully consider extraction equipment processing power and mass transfer efficiency. And only in the system, compared with the condition such as solubility, dispersed phase of the solution phase at the same time, this is a meaningful comparison of extraction equipment.
extraction equipment processing capacity usually use than load or velocity. Than the load per unit time through unit equipment section of two-phase traffic, judging than column flow velocity and air velocity.
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