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Extraction machine introduction and classification, and daily maintenance

by:Deyuan      2020-09-10
Extraction is also called the solvent extraction or liquid-liquid extraction ( To distinguish it from solid-liquid extraction, leaching) , which is also called extraction ( General in the oil refining industry) , it is a kind of used liquid extraction agent processing and not mutually soluble two-component or multi-component solution, implementation component separation and mass transfer separation process. Extraction, by definition, is a common operation. To understand the definition extraction, then we will introduce related knowledge about the extraction machine.
extraction machine, is a kind of using extractive principle to implement the operation of machinery and equipment. Through extracting machine can make the compounds from within a solvent to another kind of solvents. Common extraction machine with centrifugal extraction, microwave extraction, ultrasonic extraction machine, below the author make a brief introduction of the three extraction machine.
centrifugal extraction machine, centrifugal extraction machine for two phase solvent extraction liquid, reach the purpose of extraction by centrifugal force. Its structure, the reference room type, the structure of disc centrifuge, learned before both the characteristics of the centrifuge, at the same time with the noise is small, compact equipment, processing capacity and phase splitting good virtues. So the centrifugal extraction machine can be divided into tube type, room type and disc type of the three.
2。 Microwave extraction machine
microwave extraction machine, is the use of microwave can instantly penetrate the material characteristics, by inside and outside of material heating, simultaneous extraction. It compared with the traditional heat extraction is more advantage, because it has the advantages of extracting high purity and high efficiency, and extraction speed, general can save half of the time. If you want to use solvent, also only need a small amount, and safe environmental protection, energy conservation, so is good.
ultrasonic extraction, ultrasonic extraction machine also called ultrasonic assisted extraction, ultrasonic extraction, is the use of the effects of the strong cavitation ultrasound radiation pressure, the disturbance effect, high acceleration, breaking and mixing function of multistage effect, increase material molecular motion frequency and speed, increase the solvent penetration, increasing the target component into the solvent, promote extraction.
understand the working principle of the separation and extraction machine, after we talk about extraction machine daily maintenance.
a, extraction machine repair
1. When the tank to stop water, shall be immediately shut down power kettle, wait until after a few minutes to open the lid, and then operate.
      2. If the water is not smooth, or is not out of the water, so should immediately shut off the power, and cooling. Wait until the machine surface temperature dropped to safety temperature check again after open the lid, to prevent the steam burns.
2, extraction machine daily cleaning
1. To pull the plug out in front of the clean, and then washed with tap water and brush.
      2. The fuselage should be kept dry and power base, can not be affected with damp be affected with damp.
3, extraction machine note
1. The power cord, plug, such as conductive part cannot be affected with damp be affected with damp, more can't immersed in a liquid, or you will get an electric shock.
      2. Machine when not in use, want to pull the plug out.
      3. Extraction machine should be placed on the flat surface, the power cord can't contact with the surface of the heat.
      4. Extraction machine is working, don't unscrew cover, otherwise it may get burnt.
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