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Extraction method and treatment of industrial wastewater containing phenol

by:Deyuan      2020-08-31
Solvent extraction using extractant of poorly soluble in water and wastewater, phenolic substances in wastewater and the extracting agent for physical or chemical combination, realize the phenolics phase transfer. Two-phase solvent extraction process, however, has a certain degree of solubility, thereby causing loss to the solvent and secondary pollution, solvent regeneration has an important impact on the economy and reliability of the process.
compared to other, technique to remove phenol extraction method and treatment of industrial waste water containing phenol has a large capacity, less energy consumption, small pollution, quick removal and the advantages of the recycled, therefore, in the later phenol wastewater treatment in the study, mainly has several aspects to delve into: ( 1) To take into account the above disadvantages to choose the appropriate modification; ( 2) Research on modification of extraction in addition to the principle of phenol, the current research focus on removal efficiency; ( 3) Subsequent processing study extraction agent, if you don't pay attention to the subsequent processing of extracting agent, often bring secondary pollution, is not conducive to environmental protection. With the development of adsorbent modified and theoretical research thorough, the extraction method and treatment of industrial wastewater containing phenol in the eutrophication of water body is bound to play an important role.
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