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Extraction method and treatment of wastewater containing phenol

by:Deyuan      2020-09-12
Phenolic compounds is a kind of protoplasm poison, individuals are toxic for all living things. Phenolic compounds are listed in the national environmental protection bureau one of 129 kinds of priority control pollutants. Waste water containing phenol in water pollution control in China have also been listed as one of the key to solve harmful waste water. In general, the phenol removal from wastewater, but also contains oil, high chromaticity, sulfide, suspended matter, ammonia nitrogen, etc. At present, the factory processing methods of wastewater containing phenol using organic solvent extraction, adsorption and biological oxidation method. The biological oxidation method can only handle below 300 mg/L concentration of waste water, so high concentration phenol wastewater can be treated by biological method must fall before the phenol content dropped to 300 mg/L, it's need to deal with the other methods.
solvent extraction not only less equipment investment, cover an area of an area small, easy operation, low energy consumption, and can effectively recycle waste water of phenolics, more suitable for the high concentration phenol wastewater. Liquid membrane extraction is regarded as a kind of can achieve separation and recycling of wastewater containing phenol method of high efficiency low energy consumption. In order to achieve the extraction of phenol in waste water containing phenol, the selection of extraction agent is crucial. The extraction agent must be efficient and has to be very good solvent extraction substances ( The high distribution coefficient) And the high selectivity of ( The high selectivity of coefficient) 。
with high efficient centrifugal extraction machine and complexation extraction agent combined processing technology, with its phenol concentration from a few hundred to tens of thousands of mg/L, and high processing efficiency, phenol recovery greater than 95%, complexation extraction solvent can be recycled.
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