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Extraction of benzene series dye intermediates wastewater treatment equipment

by:Deyuan      2020-09-07
In the dye industry, dyes and dye intermediates mainly refers to used in the production of various aromatic derivatives of organic pigments, benzene, naphthalene, heterocyclic and anthraquinone four categories intermediates series. A larger proportion of them are benzene series dye intermediates, wastewater produced in the process of production of benzene series organic compounds content is higher, its toxicity, biological sex difference, not only harm human health, environmental pollution, affect the growth of plants and animals, and the wastewater contains a large number of chemical raw materials, resulting in the loss of raw material of waste.

in view of the benzene series dye intermediates wastewater treatment, research and development of extraction of zhengzhou days. cwl - M type centrifugal extraction machine using the solvent extraction method, which can effectively deal with benzene wastewater, and the remaining time is short, split phase quickly, high extraction efficiency, save the investment cost and solvent recycling fee.

benzene series dye intermediates wastewater complexation extraction process:

in the complexation extraction process, complexation extraction agent and benzene wastewater injection machine, centrifugal extraction by certain proportion in shell period under the action of shear force produced by the rotation of drum, some easy to form a complex material in wastewater using extraction agent and organic matter in wastewater, complete mixing and mass transfer process. After the mixture into the drum drum under the action of centrifugal force, the rapid separation, complete extraction process and extraction machine side by side.

days. cwl - extraction research and development production M type series centrifugal extraction machine in benzene series dye intermediates in the production of wastewater treatment occupy big advantage. Centrifugal extraction machine after extraction of wastewater COD removal rate can reach more than 99%. After extraction, most of the pollutants in the waste water will shift to the extraction agent, then the back extraction, the pollutants from extraction agent. Extraction solvent can be recycled in the process, the pollutants can realize effective recycling, achieve the purpose of purifying wastewater, extraction of pollutants.

related extraction equipment figure:

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