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Extraction of nicotine with sulfuric acid extraction effect analysis

by:Deyuan      2020-09-08
Nicotine is a kind of alkaloids in solanaceae plant, has wide application in the field of pharmaceutical and chemical field. Tobacco industry waste time in tobacco leaves can be used as extracting natural rich source of nicotine, the main extraction method with the traditional steam distillation, ion exchange method and organic solvent extraction method, etc.

extracting nicotine from tobacco use sulfuric acid reverse extraction process for:
raw tobacco - — Lye soaking - — The suction filter - — Adjust the filtrate pH - — Extraction - — Sulfuric acid extraction - — Adjust the pH - — Extraction - — Vacuum distillation - — Products

tobacco with lye soaking raw material, after the suction filter, the filtrate to pH adjustment, adjust the filtrate after compared with the extracting agent according to certain into centrifugal extraction machine, by using the centrifugal separation, after the separation of organic phase to sulfuric acid extraction, the organic phase to adjust pH value, and then reverse extraction, extraction after product is obtained by vacuum distillation.

solvent extraction method has the advantage of operating process is simple and convenient, extractant was cheap and high extraction efficiency. Therefore, the nicotine extraction method is used solvent extraction.

in extraction operation, the commonly used equipment includes extraction, extraction tower, reaction kettle, centrifugal extraction machine, etc. Combined with the operation process, centrifugal extraction machine during operation high extraction efficiency, is widely used. The working principle of centrifugal extraction machine depend on centrifugal force, the mix fast the two-phase fluid separation, extraction separation in order to achieve the effect.

centrifugal extraction machine's advantage lies in: extraction separation effect is good, no entrainment; Large quantity, low power consumption; It can realize continuous and intermittent operation; Material can choose whole fluorine material, resistant to strong acid corrosion.

in the back extraction nicotine sulfate, equipment selection need to undertake choosing according to the capacity and the concrete material system, the customer if you need to know the details, but online consulting service, our company will provide you with comprehensive solutions.
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