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Extraction of three-step extract penicillin extraction equipment

by:Deyuan      2020-09-13
Extraction equipment is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry, extraction equipment three-step extract penicillin extraction technology already quite mature, the extraction process using penicillin salt ( Sodium and potassium) Soluble in water, and the nature of the penicillin acid soluble in organic solvent, after repeated in solvent phase and water phase transfer, achieve the goal of purification and enrichment.
extraction equipment three-step extract penicillin extraction: the first step in penicillin extraction equipment from regularly dilute sulphuric acid acidification and the filtrate of penicillin referred to in the organic solvent; The second step with phosphate buffer or sodium bicarbonate solution, shift of penicillin from organic solvent to water phase; The third step in penicillin buffer liquid extract, dilute sulphuric acid, using extraction equipment and penicillin from the water phase transfer referred to in the organic solvent. By enrichment purification can be transported to the crystallization process. With the improvement of extraction equipment. Using multi-stage countercurrent extraction and separation in the same machine to finish the centrifugal extractor can greatly reduce equipment sets.
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