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Extraction of titanium equipment in solid waste treatment in extractive separation

by:Deyuan      2020-09-14
Extracting equipment in solid waste treatment of titanium separation: titanium slag iron is the thermite method smelting slag generated in titanium alloy, a considerable number, the average production of titanium alloy to produce 1 t 1. 5 t titanium slag iron, so the titanium extraction separation technology in solid waste treatment in a wide range of applications. Extraction separation technology in the very great degree to save cost, improve the utilization rate of waste.
extraction equipment in the titanium extraction separation is used in solid waste sulfuric acid solution, titanium slag iron and solvent extraction solvent extraction of titanium, titanium and acid solutions for the effective separation of fluid in the aluminum, iron, after washing, reverse extraction, finally in the form of titanium dioxide recycle titanium, product purity is more than 98%, titanium recovery rate of about 93%.
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