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Extraction processing chromium/zinc/nickel/copper/iron and other heavy metal ion wastewater effluent

by:Deyuan      2020-09-11
From smelting, electroplating factory of metal processing and manufacturing enterprise of waste water containing heavy metal ion if directly to the water environment, will lead to serious pollution. At the same time, these heavy metals are important strategic resources, if can be one of the most recycled for long-term and stable development of national economy will have a positive significance.

a, chromium iron/zinc/nickel/copper/heavy metal ion wastewater treatment methods, such as what?

in the past for the treatment of wastewater containing heavy metal ions is mainly done by biological method, this method of investment is big, tall to the requirement of biological species, processing cycle is long, the high cost of running, � � metal ions can not be recycled.

in the past 20 years, with the application of solvent extraction technology in hydrometallurgy, the solvent extraction processing in every country in the world of research and development of wastewater containing heavy metal ions in a lot of power, has built some with solvent extraction method and treatment of mercury, chromium, zinc, nickel and copper metal ions such as factories, and achieved good results.

2, solvent extraction of heavy metal ion wastewater treatment process principle

using solvent extraction treatment of heavy metal ion wastewater, should choose to have higher selective extraction agent, generally exist in the form of ions, heavy metals in waste water by adjusting PH value, and the extraction solvent complexation reaction, metal ions from the water phase was extracted to the organic phase, and then under alkaline conditions was back extraction to the water phase, make to recycle solvent regeneration.

graph: solvent extraction of heavy metal ion wastewater treatment process

3, extraction equipment, how to choose?

heavy metal waste water extraction equipment mainly includes: extracting tower, centrifugal extraction machine, settler. Among them, the extraction of zhengzhou new. cwl - launched in recent years M is currently widely used centrifugal extraction machine, the series of centrifugal extraction machine large capacity, high extraction efficiency, can continuous operation, good separation effect, resistance to acid and alkali environment.

4, heavy metal wastewater treatment case on

a copper mine waste water containing copper ore field 0. 3 - 1. 4 5 g/L, and iron. 5 - 5. 10-4 g/L, containing arsenic 300 mg / L, PH值= 0。 1 - 3. The wastewater with a 510 N as extraction agent, six levels of retrograde extraction using centrifugal extractor, extraction solvent containing copper using the back extraction - H2SO4, regeneration after repeated use.

5, environmental protection environment, in the contemporary benefits, and ever-lasting

with solvent extraction method, the wastewater containing chromium, zinc, nickel and copper extraction, metal recovery rate can reach more than 99%. At present although the high prices of extraction agent and make some projects the economic benefits of recycling process is reduced, but the recovery process of environmental management and protection is in the contemporary benefits, and the great cause of centuries.

along with the people environmental protection consciousness and the enhancement of the comprehensive national strength, our country's environmental protection industry also will be more attention, thus extraction separation technology in environmental chemical industry will also get more applications.
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