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Extraction tank extract gold from copper anode slime in wet process research

by:Deyuan      2020-09-10
Extraction using CWX type extraction tank wet process of extracting gold from copper anode slime extractive process
1, from the points of gold chloride liquid level 4 consecutive extraction method, extraction of tributyl phosphate ester ( 真沸点) With a mixture of fatty alcohols. Compared extraction agent according to certain ( VO :VA) In the extraction tank and water mix, after 5 ~ 8 min, let stand stratification, the lower water extracted out to the next level. Until the end of the fourth extraction, extraction residue recovery of platinum, palladium, organic send back extraction of gold.
2, reduction stripping gold mixing and control the temperature between 50 ~ 60 ℃, contact with the loaded organic phase with ammonium oxalate solution 30 ~ 90 min. 2 the dosage of ammonium oxalate is gold content. 2 ~ 3 times. After the suction filter, industrial filter water, anhydrous ethanol washing powders.
3, organic phase with the same volume of 2 mol/L HCl contact lean organic phase 10 min, stationary phase, organic phase can be reused.
extraction of gold from the points of gold chloride liquid, the new preparation of organic phase colorless, high extraction efficiency, the powders are of good quality. Cycle after a certain number of times, with the accumulation of impurity, its color by colorless gradually became light brown to dark brown, extraction efficiency is greatly reduced. When some impurities in the solution composition content is higher, organic phase emulsification, produce a large number of bubbles, make the split phase time is long, and regeneration of organic impurities relatively more sensitive, also make the increased cost of production.
extraction from the points of gold chloride liquid gold, gold complexing ions react with extraction agent ( Platinum, palladium complex ion reaction) Into the organic phase, loaded organic phase with oxalic acid ammonium reduction extraction, reduction of gold of elemental, extraction residue recovery of Pt, Pd.
the extraction of gold from the points of gold liquid optimization process, the results show that the organic phase emulsifying phenomenon does not occur, two-phase stratified faster, gold powder are of good quality, extraction residue cicc mass concentration is lower than 2 mg/L, poor organic phase is colorless to pale yellow, effect is good. Optimization of process flow as shown.
the research results show that using extraction method to extract gold from copper anode slime, harmful impurity in the points of gold chloride liquid easy cause organic phase emulsification and discoloration, reduce the rate of extraction. Gold chloride points, reduce the amount of NaCl, extraction of gold chloride points before hydrolysis liquid to remove some impurities, can reduce the organic phase emulsifying phenomenon, make the two-phase stratified fast, powders quality stability in 99. More than 5%, extraction liquid gold concentration stability under 2 mg/L.
extraction CWX series extraction tank wet process of extracting gold from copper anode slime characteristics are:
1. Simple structure, convenient control, stable interface;
    2. Level with high efficiency;
    3. Simple dispersible stability, mixed compared to adjust;
    4. Low mixing strength, reduces the energy consumption, and is advantageous to the split phase, less solvent entrainment loss;
    5. Internal structure is improved, very suitable for a variety of extraction process, and high efficiency, clarify the effect is good, less loss of organic phase extraction agent, makes the production efficiency and product quality had the very big enhancement.
6。 PP/PVC extraction equipment tub is made of high quality PP/PVC plastic. High quality PP/PVC plastic its physical performance stability, acid and alkali resistant performance is better, and can well adapt to the transformation of production technology, can change the structure or changes at any time in and out of material liquid, plastic changes in welding is convenient, strong flexibility.
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