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Extraction tank ( Mixer settler) Amine substance in waste water extraction separation

by:Deyuan      2020-08-18
Amine substance in waste water extraction separation generally include aromatic amine and aliphatic amine. This kind of material is an important organic chemical raw materials, used in dyes, organic pigments, rubber additives, agricultural chemicals, pesticides, paper and other industries. Organic amine of wastewater treatment by physical adsorption method, chemical oxidation, ozone oxidation and activated carbon adsorption of combining the two-step process. Each have advantages and disadvantages of these methods, the toxicity of organic amine, most belong to the refractory materials, using the extraction tank ( Mixer settler) For effective separation, tianyi extraction on extraction tank ( Mixer settler) The amine substance in waste water extraction separation system research.
extraction tank ( Mixer settler) Fatty amine extraction separation of substances: tianyi extraction of various fatty amine, the phase equilibrium of the system of the solute and extraction tank (ph and hydrophilic Mixer settler) The mixing chamber are the three important factors influencing the extraction equilibrium.
extraction tank ( Mixer settler) Aromatic amine extraction separation of substances: in treatment of industrial wastewater at present method of aromatic amine material is mainly by flocculation and macroporous resin adsorption or using extraction tank ( Mixer settler) Biochemical treatment of the reentry after solvent extraction pretreatment, aromatic amine kind of industrial wastewater treatment by biochemical method of the difficulty lies in increasing wastewater biological sex. Source:
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