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Extraction tank ( Mixer settler) Extracting rb.

by:Deyuan      2020-08-19
Using solvent extraction from rb material using extraction tank ( Mixer settler) Extracting rb, rubidium is soluble in water phase and organic phase between the competition process, the whole process in the box type extraction tank ( Mixer settler) In the finish. More than rubidium mainly from cesium extraction liquid extract ( See centrifugal extraction machine solvent extraction cesium) 。
rubidium and cesium usually associated together, cesium extraction separation and extraction of the rubidium must be considered. Extraction tank ( Mixer settler) Extracting rb is developed in the 1960 s, it can separate complex mixture of alkali metal coexist, in many cases the score step extracting rb precipitation more quickly, with simple equipments, short process, easy to automatic control, production, operating the security, the advantages of low cost, is considered to be a better separation and extraction of rubidium and cesium.
extraction organic phase and water phase ( Cesium extraction residue) According to certain than 2 ~ 3 min contact extraction equilibrium. Extraction tank ( Mixer settler) When extracting rb by extraction of rubidium by water phase to organic phase, two phase separation for clarification. Extraction compared with the composition of aqueous slurry, alkalinity, concentration, and concentration of organic phase. Organic phase concentration in a cesium and extraction under the same conditions, the alkalinity of the water phase of high extraction of rubidium more efficient; Large compared to the extraction efficiency of rubidium is also higher.
organic phase usually consists of leather take agent and diluent. BAMBP and t - BAMBP extraction tank ( Mixer settler) Extract the rubidium main extraction agent, their isomers, replace phenol is a kind of advanced. The extraction of rubidium similar performance. Both extractant volatile small, small water soluble, the rubidium extraction performance is good, extraction selectivity is stronger, quick and easy to reverse extraction. Source:
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