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Extraction tank ( Mixer settler) Extraction of boric acid

by:Deyuan      2020-08-14
Is seen as a collection of boric acid extraction and purification of boric acid and its salt method has application prospect, when extracting fatty acid extraction of application research center is a major use of slot ( Mixer settler) Than the distribution of the extraction technology of boric acid, boric acid as the alcohol gradually increase with the increase of carbon chain. Extraction of 2 -
days Ethyl hexanol using extraction tank ( Mixer settler) Boric acid extraction condition was carried out extensive research, the alcohol can be in the extraction tank ( Mixer settler) PH1 in - 7 between the extraction of boric acid. The metal ions in water phase are salting out effect, joining - H2SO4 can effectively improve the extraction of H3BO3, but - H2SO4 was extracted. 2 - Ethyl hexanol can use kerosene as diluent, organic phase H3BO3 form with alcohol extraction of compound for boric acid.
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