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Extraction tank ( Mixer settler) Extraction of copper sulfide in chloride solution

by:Deyuan      2020-09-09
Extraction tank ( Mixer settler) Extraction of copper sulfide in chloride solution, as a result of chloride ion has the very strong depolarization effect, in addition, heavy metal chloride solubility is generally higher than the corresponding sulfate, and chloride ions with many metal ions to form stable coordination compounds, all of these factors to improve the driving force of sulfide ore leaching in chloride system.
as a result, the same kind of mineral in chloride solution than in sulfate solution has higher calcining and leaching rate. Chloride system oxidant can be chlorine can also be used in the ferric chloride, copper chloride, in order to improve the quality of the copper, typically using the extraction tank ( Mixer settler) To separate copper and iron.
extraction tank ( Mixer settler) Copper sulfide in chloride solution extraction, when extracting phase protons and supplement the leaching of acid consumption, extraction return to leach residue. Extraction is the reverse reaction extraction, copper to return to the aqueous phase, extraction agent from water protons, restore the acid type structure, back extraction. The whole process roughly in balance.
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