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Extraction tank ( Mixer settler) From other uranium materials recycling method

by:Deyuan      2020-08-12
Using extraction from other uranium materials to extract uranium processing, comprehensive recovery uranium as a by-product, and is the important way of expanding uranium resources. This kind of material is important with wet-process phosphoric acid, zircon and monazite, uraniferous lignite, etc. In most used in the production of phosphate fertilizer and phosphate chemicals contain uranium in natural phosphorite ore body, although the grade of uranium is very low, but because of phosphorite total reserves are large, phosphate fertilizer production scale and is very big, and the wet process phosphoric acid production is growing fairly fast, thus to extract uranium from wet process phosphoric acid, is a major resource of uranium can not be ignored, and on the reduction of farmland radioactive pollution also has important significance.
using the extraction tank ( Mixer settler) From other uranium materials recycling method
, can reasonable use of waste resources to create new energy, save costs and prevent pollution. Source:
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