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Extraction tank ( Mixer settler) Hydrometallurgy electrochemical basis

by:Deyuan      2020-08-13
Extraction tank ( Mixer settler) Hydrometallurgy electrochemical basis, electrochemical process is divided into two major categories of galvanic cells and electrolytic process, hydrometallurgy of electrochemical process for the electrolysis process. A complete electrolysis system contains at least electrode ( Electronic conductor) And the electrolyte ( Ion conductor) , the level of electrochemical reaction container ( Electrochemical reactors) 。 In the second conductor interface ( The electrode/solution) On electronic gain and loss, the electrode reaction, has realized the conversion between electricity and chemical energy. The basis of the electrochemical theory reveals the basic laws of this transformation and achieve the transformation of the basic conditions.
element commonly used enlightenment theory and equivalent scale 1 - electricity consumption 1
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