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Extraction tank ( Mixer settler) Industrial hydroxyl oxime copper extraction solvent extraction process

by:Deyuan      2020-09-09
Extraction tank ( Mixer settler) Industrial hydroxyl oxime copper extraction solvent extraction process, different types of industrial hydroxyl oxime extraction solvent extraction ability difference is very big, in most cases, the extraction process for low grade ore leaching liquid copper, extracting the leaching liquid for different ore quality, can be soaked sex change, but copper 1 - mostly 3 g/L, the pH value of 1 2. Reverse extraction liquid must be depleted electrolyte after electric product, in the extraction of centrifugal extraction machine often adopts the secondary extraction, the need to try to extract the copper extraction into the organic phase to load concentration Cu1, organic phase and load the first-level reverse extraction, only copper does not load is completely reverse extraction, but fell to the equilibrium concentration of Cu.
thick copper solution extraction of copper concentrate lixivium of copper concentration in the 50 - 90 g/L, to extract the concentration of copper, it is O/A ratio, one is to increase the concentration of the extracting agent. Extracting agent to the variety of the transmission performance of the high concentration of copper solution was compared, the experiment selected the variety of extracting agent, the first is a mixture of aldehyde oxime and ketoxime, after several aldehyde oxime. Experiments show that this is very close to several extraction agent, extraction tank ( Mixer settler) Industrial hydroxyl oxime extraction solvent extraction of copper processing, extraction tank at room temperature ( Mixer settler) The results of the fluid is still smooth, not problems. Due to the extractant for copper has a strong ability to extract, so such a high load, as long as there is enough balance aqueous phase concentration of copper, still have reaction force, need not alkaline neutralization of acid extraction. After extraction of higher acidity of extraction fluid returning to leach.
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