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Extraction tank ( Mixer settler) The advanced treatment of wastewater

by:Deyuan      2020-09-08
Extraction tank ( Mixer settler) Wastewater advanced treatment decision factors:

in order to meet the more stringent emission standards and requirements for quality of the recycled water to get rid of traditional secondary treatment process of organic matter and total suspended solid.
in order to improve the treatment of wastewater disinfection effect after, need to remove the remnants of a small amount of suspended solids in waste water. Sensitive
in order to control the eutrophication of water body, need to get rid of traditional secondary wastewater treatment after the removal of all kinds of nutrients;
must remove the special inorganic substances in the waste water ( Such as heavy metals) And so on, in order to meet the stricter emissions and land disposal of the surface water standard and indirect recycled water to the water quality requirement of life.
to industrial recycling water, must remove organic and inorganic components of special components.

through the extraction tank ( Mixer settler) Experimental results show that the monitoring results of waste water after treatment, said can expect now many advanced processing method, extraction tank ( Mixer settler) Decision factors indicate that in the advanced treatment of wastewater will be 5 - in the future 10 years extraction tank ( Mixer settler) Wastewater treatment gradually into the traditional processing method.
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