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Extraction tank ( Mixer settler) The application and research

by:Deyuan      2020-08-24
1. Range of application and characteristics of mixer settler
mixer settler is used and is still widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, nuclear industry in areas such as extraction equipment. By mixing chamber mixer settler and clarify the room of two parts, in the process of production, material and solvent by means of stirring effect in the mixing chamber and mixed each other, to carry on the mass transfer, and then into the clear chamber with the help of gravity separation. Mixer settler in practical application is usually made up by multi-stage tandem, due to the two phase flow in the multistage mixer settler is contact step by step, and the mixture of two phase and clarification has obviously periodic, so often referred to as contact extraction equipment step by step. Mixer settler is used to extract more slowly and has a large effect on chemical reaction speed of process.
2。 Mixer settler has the following advantages
( 1) High grade efficiency. Because of the two phase in the mixer-settler according to need to keep good contact and split phase, so efficiency is very high, industrial scale level of mixer settler efficiency can reach 90% ~ 95%, small experiment can often be close to 100%.
( 2) Strong adaptability. Dispersed phase and continuous phase can � � � phase transition, with a large elasticity of operation, apply to large flow than change. In the operation of the temporary parking restart at all levels shall not affect the mass balance.
( 3) Make it simple. Enlarge easy and reliable equipment.
3。 The mixer settler � � � to faults
( 1) Large amount of solvent remaining. Because of the price is more expensive, extraction solvent so one-time investment is larger.
( 2) Level covers an area of large.
( 3) Each level requires motivation stirring.
4。 The development trend of mixer settler
with the continuous development of extraction technology and industrial scale expands unceasingly, extraction equipment is in constant improvement, also in the direction of the large-scale development, in order to adapt to the needs, design a high-power pump mixing device and interval of mixing chamber. The recent main research direction of mixer settler is how to reduce the volume of mixer settler; Second, try to increase clarification speed, reduce the extraction solvent entrainment loss; Thirty better control phase continuity. Britain's David company joint type mixer settler greatly reduce the volume of the equipment, JieShengLv organic solvent phase holdup. French Krebs mixer settler in mixing, clarify both get breakthrough, the taper is level of pump device efficiency increased to more than 90%, and clarify the room at the top of the chute, adding mixed phase is clarification speed increase to 14 m3 ( m2. b) The above. In this respect our country extraction technology co. , LTD. , zhengzhou days by another method using settler laminated method, place the superposition of extraction tank and vexed extraction tank, greatly save the area. Due to cancelled the mixing chamber at the same time, with light phase weir, weir and heavy phase for clarification of two phase separation, clarify the room with other mixer settler.
over the years many of the scientists and engineers in the nature of the droplet and the interaction, the residence time distribution and so on to do a lot of research, and obtained some achievements, but it is not meet the requirements of industrial design. Effect of mass transfer and mixing speed for clarification. Is often measured by small scale experiment data, and then used in the design of equipment of amplification, to fill a gap in experiments and industrial scale, now often made in the design of equipment in a certain range can change the parameters, such as mouth and blender insertion depth, mixed phase overflow weir is adjustable, so that in the industrial production adjustment and trial and error method is used to achieve the effect.
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