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Extraction tank used in the chemical industry naphthalene acetic acid extraction preparation

by:Deyuan      2020-09-10
Naphthalene acetic acid is an organic compound, is a colorless solid soluble in organic solvents. Nature is stable, but easy deliquescence, see the light color, should be kept away from light, rootone points of alpha and beta, alpha type vigor than beta type, called rootone namely alpha type. Melting point is 134. 5 - 135. 5℃。 Insoluble in water, slightly soluble in hot water, soluble in ethanol, ethyl ether, acetone, benzene, acetic acid and chloroform. Naphthalene acetic acid sodium salt is soluble in water, stable in general organic solvents. It is a plant hormone auxin, often used in commercial hair root powder or rooting agent, used in plant use cuttage propagation. It also can be used in the plant tissue culture.

the main purpose of naphthalene acetic acid naphthalene acetic acid is to promote plant root growth of plant growth regulator, and naphthalene ethyl amide intermediate. Naphthalene acetic acid used as plant growth regulator, in medicine, used as the material of eye net nose and eyes can be bright. Naphthalene acetic acid can promote cell division and expansion, induce the formation of adventitious roots, increase fruit, prevent fruit drop, change the ratio of female and male flowers, etc. Naphthalene acetic acid by tender epidermis of leaves, branches, seeds into the plant body and along with the flow of conducting nutrients to function region. Usually used for wheat, rice, cotton, tea, mulberry, tomato, apple, melon, potato, trees, etc. , is a kind of good plant growth stimulant.
( 1) Used for immersion in sweet potato seedling, the method is the base of potato plants 3 cm immersed in liquid, seedling concentration soaking 10 to 20 mg/kg, 6 hours.
( 2) When rice transplanting seedling root, concentration of 10 mg/kg 1 ~ 2 hours; Used for seed soaking in wheat, concentration of 20 mg/kg, 6 ~ 12 hours;
( 3) Used in full bloom foliar spraying on cotton, concentration of 10 to 20 mg/kg, spray childbearing period, a total of 2 ~ 3 such as to prevent fruit abscission, using concentration shoulds not be too high, otherwise it will cause the opposite effect, because of the high concentration of naphthalene acetic acid can promote the formation of ethylene in plant;
( 4) Used to promote root, appropriate and indole acetic acid or other have effect on promoting the root of drug combination, because use rootone, promote root crop effect is good, but growth is not ideal. To spray, melon and fruit class with foliar spray wet advisable, field crops generally spray liquid volume 7. About 5 kg / 100 m2, the fruit is 11. 3~19kg/100m2。 Processing concentration: melon class 10 ~ 30 mg/L spray, wheat seed soaking for 20 mg/L 6 ~ 12 h, cotton coated spray for 10 to 20 mg/L 2 ~ 3 times. This product can be with general insecticidal, fungicide and fertilizer intercropping, sunny no rain effect is better.
use the preparation of naphthalene acetic acid extraction tank features are:
1. Simple structure, convenient control, stable interface;
2。 Simple dispersible stability, mixed compared to adjust;
3。 Low mixing strength, reduces the energy consumption, and is advantageous to the split phase, less solvent entrainment loss;
4。 To change the mixing efficiency, the speed of the turbine and inserting depth of the liquid can be adjusted;
5。 Each level is easy to sampling, chemical analysis can be obtained after two phase concentration distribution of materials;
6。 Internal structure is improved, very suitable for a variety of extraction process, and high efficiency, clarify the effect is good, less loss of organic phase extraction agent, makes the production efficiency and product quality had the very big enhancement.
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