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Extraction technology Chinese medicine epimedium extract extracted from plants

by:Deyuan      2020-08-21
This article mainly from the source of epimedium plants, Chinese traditional medicine value, active ingredients, as well as the main function, etc. , introduces the extraction technology of Chinese medicine epimedium extract extracted from plants.
plant is introduced:
epimedium is commonly used traditional Chinese medicine in China, has the very high medicinal value, ziyin empowering. Taste bitter, suitable for insomnia. Perennial herbs, plant high 20 - 60 cm long, short, stout lignification, dark brown, upright stems, and edges, glabrous, usually without basal leaf.
epimedium in active ingredients:
stem leaf epimedium glycoside, epimedium glucoside; Rhizomes and roots to a epimedium glycoside, epimedium fat element, flavones, double glucoside, single glucoside. Epimedium extract medium yellow ketone accounted for 30% 85% can increase cerebral blood flow, inhibit thrombosis, enhance the hematopoietic function, enhance immunity, improve the level of testosterone, antitumor effect. Double glucoside - 10% Glucoside, single 5% - 50% 40%.
epimedium extract is a new kind of natural substance, refined from pure physical process, natural non-toxic side effects. Male hormones known as the 'plant', in Chinese traditional medicine has been used in the treatment of kidney problems.
epimedium extract the immune function of
epimedium polysaccharide can enhance the immune function of organism, can enhance and maintain normal adrenal cortex function and immune function.
epimedium extract anti-aging effect
epimedium affect aging mechanism from different aspects, can delay the aging process and prevent aging. Such as influence cell batches, extend the growing season, immune regulation and secretion system, improve the body's metabolism and function of each organ.
epimedium extract on cardiovascular protection
in epimedium extract, reduce cerebral vascular resistance, myocardial ischemia caused by pituitrin has certain protective effect, for the treatment of coronary heart disease, angina has scientific basis.
epimedium extract effect on blood
epimedium polysaccharide inhibiting platelet aggregation reaction, can inhibit thrombosis; And can promote the differentiation and proliferation of a variety of blood cells promote hematopoietic function.

epimedium extract can promote metabolism of epimedium have promote DNA synthesis.
epimedium extract can fight osteoporosis
the experiment proves that epimedium have promote bone cancer cell DNA synthesis effect, have 'repair bone' effect, have good control effect on osteoporosis.
extraction technology Chinese medicine epimedium extract extracted from plants,
with 70% ethanol solution for fertilizer, combined with traditional Chinese medicine extraction equipment using extraction method to extract, epimedium extract, the extraction ratio of ethanol reflux method is more efficient and less pollution. Because the extraction solvent extraction use safe non-toxic, flammable and explosive, low cost, easy to remove at the end of the extract, so this method is very suitable for the biological active ingredients of Chinese herbal medicine china-africa polarity extraction.
however, epimedium glycoside, flavonol glycoside of polar compounds, this limits the method in the application of epimedium flavonoids extraction. At present due to the selection of extraction agent, the extraction method to extract epimedium technology get some restrictions. Entrainer can change of target compounds extraction solvent's selectivity and solubility, but some entrainer ( Such as methanol) May bring the solvent residues. Overall, the domestic and foreign studies of epimedium flavonoids extraction for very little, related research has yet to be strengthened.
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