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Extraction technology development present situation in the copper hydrometallurgy

by:Deyuan      2020-08-27
Copper industry including leaching - wet method Extraction of extraction - Electrical product of three parts, constitute three loops, extraction is a key part of the essential, as mentioned above, it is the result of the development of extraction technology, to create a new situation of modern copper hydrometallurgy. Leaching, acid reaction with copper ore copper dissolved into solution, copper ion in extraction process and extracting agent proton exchange, into the organic phase, protons into aqueous solution, extraction liquid acidity to improve. Extraction residue return to leaching. Organic phase load copper power product of residual liquid extraction, get rich, electrolyte acidity of electrolyte, and bringing back extractant acid form, return to the extraction. Electric product process, copper cathode, anode oxygen precipitation and mole of sulfuric acid, etc. So, from the point of view of chemical reaction, runs through the whole process of copper ions and proton exchange and replace, the reverse movement. Electrical product produced by the proton consumption in ore, leaching of copper in the ore for the final product.
modern wet mainly from low grade copper ore, such as oxidized ore, stripping of off-balance-sheet ore, flotation tailings and difficult to recover copper sulfide ore and even abandoned mines, and these materials is method is difficult to use the raw material. Therefore, wet with fire is copper industry development two technologies complement each other, make full use of the mineral resources.
early leach - Extraction - Integrated method of product quality with organic matter, high levels of lead, therefore, is considered not suitable as an electrician materials. After 20 years of improvement, the quality of the products now have nearly the same percentage as in the fire. Some of the wet plant product purity as high as 99. 999%, higher than see the quality of the products. Wet products generally do not contain arsenic, antimony and bismuth. Due to the improvement of anode material and cathode copper levels have been significantly reduced. Wet copper smelter products now can completely satisfy the requirements of the manufacturing electrical material.
extraction technology for copper hydrometallurgy has brought the revolutionary change, create the modern wet copper metallurgical industry. Since the 1970 s development, has become an independent industrial system, the annual production of copper of over hundred t, 2. 5 million t at the turn of the century, the annual production of copper 15%, accounting for 17% of the copper directly by the mine production. Its development speed is much higher than the overall copper industry development speed, as shown in the figure below. Curve 1 said method smelting The amount of copper electrolysis production changes year by year. 2 representative with extraction - curve Electricity production of copper deposition method, from the 70-20 century In the 80 s, experienced a steady development period, and then began a rapid development stage, especially in recent years, many big refinery production one after another, more will grow speed to a new climax. Over the same period of other copper smelting method yields little growth, most of the world's copper production increase from the development of wet copper smelting.
copper hydrometallurgy in China, including laboratory and expanding test have started too late. However, the industry has not been truly to realize the value of the technology, the development has been slow, the first factory in 1983 and put into production. Although in recent years, some local small mines to receive the wet copper smelting technology, but the scale of production is very small, in addition to the dexing copper ore wet to larger, more than the rest of the level of annual output of hundreds of tons of cathode copper, there is no one can be included in the foregoing 55. Has gone into operation and production capacity of nearly ten thousand tons in the factory. Along with the advancement of state policy of sustainable development, the consciousness of the people to make full use of various resources will gradually improve, copper hydrometallurgy in China development prospect is very broad.
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