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Extraction to participate in the development of zhengzhou days 'ion adsorption type rare earths green efficient integration of immersion extraction technology' in the sixth group of economy and mineral resources

by:Deyuan      2020-09-06
In December 2017, the ministry of land and resources issued 'on the announcement, according to the public directory, by YouYan rare earth new materials co. , LTD. , chinalco guangxi nonferrous rare earth development co. , LTD. , Beijing nonferrous metal research institute extraction technology co. , LTD. , zhengzhou days of ion adsorption type rare earths' ion adsorption type rare earths green efficient integration of immersion extraction technology 'in the sixth group of mineral resources saving and comprehensive utilization of advanced technology for metal mine directory class technology, the project has developed the following core technology:

1. Ecological environment friendly magnesium salt leaching and its composite system ion adsorption type rare earth ore new technology;
  2. Low concentration of rare earth leaching liquid of saponification and non-equilibrium coupled centrifugal extraction enrichment of the new technology;
  3. Ion split phase coupling in situ gas floating deoiling recycling organic phase the new technology;
  4. Low concentration of rare earth extraction solution flow than centrifugal extraction machine, high flux, the new structure.

it is known that green efficient leaching of ionic type rare-earth ore extraction integration technology is YouYan institute, member of rare earth xiao-wei huang YouYan lead the team after more than six years hone developed the original technology, 7 invention has applied for patents, including 2 PCT international patents. The process is greatly simplified, traditional craft production cost greatly reduced, the whole production process does not produce ammonia nitrogen wastewater pollution and radioactive waste residues, is a revolution of the production process of ionic type rare-earth ore.
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