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Extraction tower performance analysis

by:Deyuan      2020-09-12
Extraction tower performance mainly refers to its production capacity and separation effect, in the study of extraction tower performance analysis should pay attention to the following
1. Droplet behavior in the extraction tower: as the droplets in the extraction tower constantly on the edge of the turntable is broken, and again in the static ring polymerization, the droplet surface is constantly changing, constantly updated, this for the mass transfer between the two liquid phase has a great influence.
2。 Extraction fluid mechanics performance of the tower: many of the dispersed phase droplet exists in the form of group, the dispersed phase lag deposit rate expressed how much droplet group of droplets in the extraction tower, fluid mechanics is to find out what the purpose of dispersed phase lag deposit rate and the relationship between the droplets.
3。 Mass transfer performance of extraction tower: extraction tower performance analysis commonly used equivalent mass transfer unit height and theory of equivalent mass transfer unit height mass transfer performance of extraction tower.
4。 Running feature extraction tower: the dispersed phase and the direction of mass transfer, the input power, system properties, and so on all had great effect on the running characteristics of extraction tower, at the time of performance analysis of extraction tower is also a factor must be considered.
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