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Extractive separation scare metal rhenium

by:Deyuan      2020-09-05
Rhenium is a kind of scare metal, no elemental nature of the existence of rhenium, it is often associated in molybdenum, copper, using centrifugal extraction machine extraction separation processing metal rhenium is the main direction of metal rhenium extraction separation.
in abundance in the earth's crust is only 10 - 9. Rhenium for excellent properties such as ductility, wear resistance and high temperature resistant, commonly used coating materials; Because of their special electronic configuration, rhenium compounds and have excellent catalytic activity for more than 70% of rhenium with Pt/Al2O3 reforming catalyst used as oil, to produce lead-free high octane number gasoline, which has been widely used at home and abroad; Rhenium of single crystal nickel-based alloy used to make ceramic core, because its can adapt to the rapid temperature change and deformation is large steam turbine engine. Rhenium is also used as a tube, tube, special light material of thermal ion, X-ray of the target material, etc. Rhenium increasingly extensive application is in short supply in the market, and explore effective separation method and accurate analysis method is of great significance.
extraction is refers to the mass transfer process between two different liquid, usually with organic solvent to isolate useful components in aqueous solution, to achieve the purpose of separation with the target components. Extraction in the separation and enrichment method of rhenium occupies very important position, in low molybdenum acid solution to extract the rhenium commonly used amine, ketones, alcohols and phosphorus extracting agent; Mention of rhenium from alkaline material liquid with quaternary ammonium salt extraction agent.

Zou Mou using N235 as extraction agent, such as organic phase N235-30% Sec-octyl alcohols - 40% Kerosene, organic facies of water compared with the O/A is 1:2, the material liquid acidity in sulphuric acid concentration is 0. Five to four. 0 mol/L range of extraction by sulfuric acid leaching of molybdenum and molybdenum calcine rhenium, molybdenum and rhenium extraction rate reached 98. 5%, 97. 5%, after extraction of molybdenum and rhenium separation by ion exchange resin.
a deng studied the extraction recovery from the waste liquid containing molybdenum rhenium process conditions. First of all, the 7301-15% 2. Sec-octyl alcohols - 5% Kerosene extraction agent, reaction temperature is about 30 ℃, the organic facies in water than the O/A is 1:2 total extraction under the condition of molybdenum and rhenium, both single stage extraction rate were over 94%, and then use NaOH reverse extraction, while the extraction solution pH value is greater than 9, reverse extraction of molybdenum rhenium, close to the full. From alkaline extraction liquid containing molybdenum and rhenium in the primary amine - rhenium Neutral phosphorus mixed association washing agent, within the scope of the pH 7 ~ 10 selective extraction of rhenium, single-stage extraction rate of rhenium can reach more than 98%.
Wang Mou ketones in alkaline system such as reagent extraction separation of rhenium was studied, and found that the extraction separation ability for: acetone> diphenyl ketone, cyclohexanone, functional groups of play a role in the extraction is a carbonyl group, the oxygen on � � � two of bonding electrons, electron density is big, and the combination of metal ionic compounds have a certain ability. So the structure of oxygen extraction agent has obvious effect on extraction ability. Study also showed that oxygen extraction solvent extraction separation of rhenium ability order as:>> ester ether ketone. Alkaline system with 20 ml of acetone as extraction agent, the concentration of KOH is 5 mol/L, and the dosage of 10 ml, vibration wave 5 min, and let stand for 5 min, the acetone extraction rate of rhenium is above 99%, and for molybdenum extraction, hardly have extremely high separation ability, can effective separation of molybdenum and rhenium.
with triphenyl phosphine oxide ( TPPO) Extraction separation of molybdenum and rhenium in hydrochloric acid or hydrobromic acid as medium, in 2. 54 ~ 3. 10 mol/L hydrochloric acid or 3. 76-3. 98 mol/L molybdenum hydrobromic acid medium by quantitative extraction, in June. 78-7. 91 mol/L rhenium in hydrochloric acid medium by quantitative extraction, molybdenum and rhenium separation effect is good, the method can be used in the analysis of alloy or drug samples, molybdenum and rhenium detection limit of 0, respectively. 8 * 10 - 6 and 4 * 10 - 6.
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