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Factors influencing the enzymatic Chinese medicine extraction technology

by:Deyuan      2020-08-31
Here is some application of the centrifugal extraction machine factors influencing enzymatic Chinese medicine extraction technology:
1 medicinal material granularity is conducive to digestion, pretreatment should be carried out for medicinal materials. Such as pretreatment with a mill and grain size is fine, the more easy to hang floating in the fluid of the enzyme solution, increase the effective area and easy by enzyme hydrolysis, speed up the hydrolysis. But crushing interloper, adsorption is strong, it will influence the diffusion. So before extracting proper comminution, can improve the efficiency of enzymatic hydrolysis, is enzymatic extremely important part of traditional Chinese medicine extraction technology factors.
- 2 extraction solvent The key factors influencing the enzymatic Chinese medicine extraction technology, is to choose the appropriate solvent. Choose appropriate solvent, can be relatively smooth will need the composition of the extract, and more effective component can dissolve.
3 shaw, even the use of alkaline protease for beer bad winter wheat germ protein hydrolysis, under the best conditions of enzymatic hydrolysis, the foamability of malt protein, solubility and emulsification were reached 167%, 22. 68% and 13. 8%, than before modification of malt protein by 73. 5%, 24. 7% and 27. 8% also can improve the efficiency of enzymatic extraction technology of traditional Chinese medicine.
4。 Enzymatic method on the original process conditions only increased by 1 unit operation, mild reaction conditions are easy, don't need too much change on the original process equipment, reaction equipment requirements is low, the operation is simple. Tianyi extraction with enzymatic extraction of citrus flavonoids in research, compared with the original alcohol extraction process, only in front of the ethanol leaching extraction step adds a step - — A moderate amount of enzyme liquid enzymic extraction. Flavonoids extraction yield can be up to 2. 67±0. Greatly increased 06%, the extraction yield.
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