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Fine chemical plant H acid waste water solvent extraction process

by:Deyuan      2020-09-01
H acid is a kind of chemicals, in fine chemical production and processing will produce large amounts of H acid wastewater. In this kind of wastewater containing organic and inorganic matter, preprocessing and biochemical treatment, if not direct emissions, can cause serious impact on the environment, but also a waste of resources, therefore, on how to deal effectively with H acid wastewater is the urgent demand of chemical enterprise.

common H acid wastewater treatment methods mainly include chemical treatment, physical treatment method, etc, the solvent extraction method is one of the common processing method. Solvent extraction is the selection of extraction agent, will H acid wastewater of organic matter are extracted and transferred to the extracting agent operating unit. Solvent extraction method is used to the advantage of: 1, the operation simple and convenient; 2, energy conservation and environmental protection; 3, the extracting agent price cheap, easy.

in the solvent extraction H acid wastewater treatment, can use. cwl - M type centrifugal extraction machine, the extraction agent, compared with H acid waste water according to certain separately by different feed nozzle into centrifugal extraction machine, using centrifugal force of centrifugal extraction machine, mix two phase liquid rapid mass transfer, mixture by centrifugal force, weight fast separation, and through the outlet the body weight, to complete the separation process.

after extraction of organic phase through the extraction operation, the organic facies extraction solvent separation, extraction solvent can be recycled recycling, extraction phase into biochemical section after the period of processing, to achieve discharge standard.

chose centrifugal extraction machine H acid wastewater treatment, because the working principle of centrifugal extraction machine special can satisfy requirements of H acid waste water treatment, meet customer requirements.
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