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For yellen act as an advance party? Vice-chairman of the fed hinted that consider raising interest rates this year

by:Deyuan      2020-12-23
Investors still doubt the fed will raise rates this year. And Stanley Fischer, vice President of the federal reserve in new address for the recent U. S. economic outlook more optimistic. Observers believe that Fischer, suggested that the federal reserve is considering raising interest rates this year.

local time on Sunday, Fischer spoke about the U. S. economy in the beginning was mentioned that the fed is close to full employment and 2% inflation target:

in the past six years employment employment growth, close to most estimates that the level of full employment. Although the economy in the fed 2% inflation target in the process of performance & other; Not so good & throughout; , June 12 months overall PCE inflation rate is less than 1%, but the core PCE inflation to 1. Was 6%, close to 2%, the core CPI inflation has now more than 2%. “ So, we are close to their goals. ”

Fischer predicted that the next few quarters, America's GDP growth will recover, because investment recovery, after the dollar to reduce impact on the economy.

to long-term economic prospects, Fischer said, would require more public sector investment & ndash; — Increase spending on infrastructure and education, as well as the direction for adjustment, encourage private investment. “ As to promote productivity growth and the key to long-term economic potential, are more likely to be found in the effective fiscal and regulatory policies. ”

there are observers, Fischer has released the signal of the federal reserve is considering raising interest rates this year. The point is very delicate and Fischer speech. Because on Friday, fed chairman yellen will in the world of the central bank conference in Jackson Hole conference speech, Fischer could blow for yellen speech in advance.

mentioned, bloomberg news reported, a former fed economist Roberto Peril commentary said,

Fishcer talk time and yellen speech is very close, this week if he speak anything yellen disagree, & other; That's great. I expect yellen will keep interest rates during the Jackson Hole conference provide much guidance, but she can echo Fischer optimistic assessment of the U. S. economy. ” Bank of America in New York.

senior global economist Michael Hanson believes that Fishcer a bit and market point of view, and his colleagues, who are more partial dove, he is saying, there is reason to consider let interest rates tend to be normal.

on Wall Street, see the article mentioned earlier, some Wall Street analysts generally believe that, don't expect yellen this week's Jackson Hole speech will provide rate point clear signal, especially in early September on August non-farm payrolls data will not be released, yellen are more likely to leave their options.

reference last week, the fed's no. 3 people, the New York fed President William Dudley, yellen may in Jackson Hole speech expressing the desire of the monetary stimulus, but would say before the end of the year is more and more satisfied rate conditions, does not exclude the possibility to raise interest rates, including in September.

however, futures prices have reflected, markets expect the fed to raise interest rates in recent months the possibility of low.

the following the Chicago mercantile exchange ( CME) The & other; The fed's observation tools & throughout; Screenshots, according to the current market expectations the fed meeting in September and December this year the probability of interest rates were 12% and 46. 2%. The tool shows that until next march meeting probability of rate increases more than 50%.
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