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From the extraction of zinc in hydrochloric acid waste liquid multistage centrifugal extractor

by:Deyuan      2020-08-16
Zinc extracted from hydrochloric acid waste liquid is a common operation process, recently have customers consulting projects, specific information is: the customer wants to extracted from hydrochloric acid waste liquid zinc, zinc iron separation, 10 - zinc content 20 g/L, the iron content of a few grams/liter, processing is 30 cubic meters per day, for 4 - acidity 1-5, PH value 2. Ask us how to extract the effect is good.

according to the specific condition of customer we recommend using solvent extraction, the hydrochloric acid waste liquid of zinc, iron, zinc extraction. Solvent extraction is the commonly used method of liquid-liquid extraction operation, its advantage lies in:

1, the solvent extraction process is simple operation, high extraction rate and application range is wide.

2, solvent extraction can be high efficiency of extraction of organic matter, high extraction efficiency, less entrainment phenomenon.

3, solvent extraction can be continuous operation, fast response, high efficiency.

4, less damaging to solvent, extraction solvent can be recycled recycling, cost savings.

in the presence of the customer, extraction experiment was carried out for him, we choose CWL50 - M experimental centrifugal extraction machine, according to the situation of material liquid, hydrochloric acid waste liquor and extraction agent injection centrifugal extraction machine, centrifugal force role through equipment, fully mixing the two phase fluid, rapid separation, and then rely on centrifugal force to achieve separation effect.

the relevant article recommended: the experimental centrifuge CWL50 - M>

with the development of technology, the application of the centrifugal extraction machine is more and more widely, not only is widely applied in chemical industry, also in wet metallurgy, pharmaceutical, environmental protection, food and other fields play an important role, if want to learn more about, can contact online customer service!
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