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Global investors holding cash amount of record over the past 15 years

by:Deyuan      2020-12-23
Bank of America, according to a survey of fund managers by merrill lynch global investors cash amount close to 15 years, according to the spread of financial market risk aversion.

bank of America merrill lynch monthly according to the survey, the current average cash levels in 5. 8% in September, 5. Up from 5%. The last cash levels recorded so high or in July, at the time, the British just off the referendum; And then will be back in the fall of 2001, the United States after the 911 terrorist attacks.

according to the report, the biggest tail risks of investors perceive this month is the threat of the European Union collapse, about 1/5 of respondents agree, but it is a drop in September, in two or three bond market collapse, and the trump is elected in November.

configuration level relative to the cash bonds now dropped to the lowest since July 2006, means that compared to the low income fixed assets, investors prefer the cash.

because of rising inflation expectations, the global bond market fell this month. The 10-year gilt yields once above 1. 1%, a high since Britain withdrew the referendum. The 10-year Treasury note fell likewise. The 10-year Treasury yield rose to 1. 77%, a record high since this may. Markets expect, two-thirds of the federal reserve may raise interest rates in December, which weigh on bond prices.

in the global central bank after eight years of stimulus, the world's major countries Treasury yields are at historic lows, Goldman sachs believes that the current bond market sell-off has further continuous space.
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