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Gold and silver precious metals week review: in time of peace prepare for war alert peak ( 7. 4 - 7. 8)

by:Deyuan      2020-12-25
, precious metals market review

the UK after take off the market expected global central bank as a whole to loose, expectations of the fed not to raise interest rates more full-bodied, long taken advantage of the rally, the highest red spot gold rose to near $1375, annual high refresh. Spot silver rise quickly fall too fast, above the highest up to 21. Around $13.

recorded by draft spot gold to 1356. $35, Bai Yinlu 19. 68 dollars, platinum last at 1076. Close at 291 $1, 99 gold. 7 yuan/grams, gold closed at 291 95. 5 yuan/grams, platinum 95 closed at 247. 5 yuan per gram.

2, relevant market analysis,

1. Peripheral markets

beauty means high rushed back slightly after this week, in 96 near sideways, driven by the European influence, pull up sharply once, but then the relatively flat, with the rising of gold contrast, correlation is present between the weak.

the UK was once brought to the capital market panic, after take off the back to take effect on the economy of the uncertainty, once weigh on risky assets, but later as the meeting minutes of moderate, U. S. stocks rose to regain confidence, present the pattern of a wide range of stocks this week.

the take off once investors worried about the economic downturn, in turn, results in the decrease of oil demand, the price of crude oil in a slump, after that the EIA crude oil inventories declined less than expected, trigger a new round of oil prices tumbled and overall performance of crude oil bad this week, presents the obvious negative correlation relationship with gold.

  2. Fund positions trend

as of jan. 7, 2016, the world's largest Gold fund SPDR Gold Shares Gold holdings to 978. 29 tonnes, 24 increase from last weekend. 38 tons. Gold prices this week, institutional ownership will also significantly enhanced, but the sentiment has cooled, mechanisms in the latter half cycle began a small amount of position, shows the mechanism of high gold fears and concerns, investors should be alert to gold high

in the same period, Silver Silver fund Trust ( SLV) Silver holdings to 10620. 38 tons, an increase of 245 over the weekend. 97 tons. This week in gold jumped behind the slump, silver is one of the biggest increase for 149. 28 tons of silver, market sentiment, institutional ownership could also provide silver high and volatile demand.

3, market inventory

on July 6, June's monetary policy meeting minutes, according to the U. S. job market uncertainty increased, at the same time, the British & other Take off throughout Europe &; Referendum and other international factors also increased economic uncertainty, so the federal reserve's decision on 14 June solstice 15 monetary policy meeting, not to raise interest rates. Summary of the content to loose, in line with market expectations.

on July 7, the us ADP employment increase on June 17. 20000 people, expected an increase of 160000, under the former value to increase the 16. 80000 people, the initial value increase 17. 30000

4, a Zhou Chongyao future events and data

22:00 on July 11, the United States in June employment market condition index ( LMCI) 。

at 10:00 on July 13, China's trade account (June One hundred million yuan) ; 12:30 Japan may industrial production rate terminal value ( %) ; 17:00 the euro zone may industrial production rate ( %) 。

at 19:00 on July 14, the British central bank benchmark interest rates in July, %) In July, the British central bank meeting minutes; 2:00 fed beige book published economy.

at 10:00 on July 15, China's second quarter GDP at an annual rate ( %) ; June 17:00 eurozone CPI rate terminal value ( %) ; Manner of the United States on June retail sales rate ( %) ; Manner of the United States in June is not seasonally adjusted the CPI rate ( %) ; June when U. S. industrial output rate ( %) 。

5, and to the rich treasure

1. Gold

gold rose began to weaken, the motion of the observation of $1347 a line of support can be effective, short began gradually to test, low and had dipped below 1360 support, at this moment need investors wary. But in the medium term, if the global central bank easing expected unchanged, on the whole maintained high consolidation can be expected.

  2. Silver

silver retracement amplitude significantly greater than gold, but the fed's decision to raise interest rates or not exist too much uncertainty, the market can only according to the published during the period of important data, thus to promote the market's expectations. For the short term, therefore, Suggestions on the sidelines is given priority to, still can consider multiple single line.
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