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Gold and silver precious metals week review: mild expected yellen speaking ( 8. 15 - 8. 19)

by:Deyuan      2020-12-23
Gold and silver relatively moderate, this week to say performance good, or when the palladium. Market focus on next week's message is still not much, but increases matters as yellen speaking near, may be fired hot again, suggest friends calm.
a, precious metals market review

this week relatively moderate, gold and silver to performance better, or when the palladium. Market focus on next week's message is still not much, but increases matters as yellen speaking near, may be fired hot again, suggest friends calm.

recorded by draft spot gold to 1347. The $14, 19 Bai Yinlu. $55, platinum last at 1109. Close at 288 $25, 99 gold. 2 yuan/grams, gold closed at 288 95. 3 yuan/grams, platinum 95 closed at 254. 25 yuan per gram.

2, relevant market analysis,

1. Peripheral markets

more tragic beauty refers to performance this week, but for gold good supporting role is very limited, but a lower beauty refers to the price will be late for gold are supported, also from another level reflects the gold market sentiment. And beauty refers to the late rebound, gold continued to stress.

because of the source of supply of crude oil gradually under control, the price of crude oil from low rebound, but the global oversupply environment more difficult to change, the price is relatively high, give priority to in order to reduce its advice friends.

data released this week, the United States not pain not to itch, U. S. stocks relatively mild is understandable, but on the whole the U. S. economy than once upon a time there was a lot of improvement, so the medium term stocks are strong.

  2. Fund positions trend

by August 19, 2016, the world's largest Gold fund SPDR Gold Shares Gold holdings to 955. 99 tons, is to reduce its 4 last weekend. 46 tons. Love was significantly weaker, gold in the gold market sentiment, gold is more difficult in the short term is expected to get rid of a sideways pattern.

in the same period, Silver Silver fund Trust ( SLV) Silver holdings to 11056. 34 tons and 115 overweight last weekend. 22 tons. Institutions substantially more silver holdings twice this week, but the performance of disk and institutions to increase silver performance, expected late silver is expected to rise.

3, market inventory

on August 16, the CPI month after seven Chinese rose adjustable rate rose 0%, gain the lowest since February this year.

on August 15, the United States on August the NAHB housing market index is 60, in line with expectations.

4, a Zhou Chongyao future events and data

on August 26, the real GDP in the second quarter season annualized rate ( %)

on August 26, the fed chairman yellen speaking at the annual meeting of the Jackson hole global central bank

5, and to the rich treasure

1. Gold

before no more wonderful data, gold will continue to be mild concussion. Technical look gold at $1340 a line has good support, then gold or shock rise to near $1370.

  2. Silver

the silver market overall slants down, market lacks direct messages, silver is weak. Late silver is expected to rebound, with gold back shock partial higher orbit. Next week's market focus yellen speaking, if the optimistic about the U. S. economy, raising interest rates, so silver again under pressure. If speech is general, gold prices continue to shock or higher. Technical, silver below support at 19. Around $1.
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