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Goldman sachs cut the chances of September the fed raising interest rates to 25%

by:Deyuan      2020-12-23
Given the current lack of the federal reserve ( 美联储) Clear signals policymakers to raise interest rates, Goldman sachs ( 顿) Have reduced the probability of the federal reserve to raise interest rates next week.

headed by JanHatzius, economist at Goldman sachs said in a report, the probability of Goldman sachs has put the fed to raise interest rates in September fell to 25% from 40% before, but the possibility of raising interest rates from 30% to 40% in December.

the review mainly helped by Goldman sachs fed governor brainard ( LaelBrainard) On Monday, the latter warned for rapid increases in interest rates. Before brainard, several fed officials recently with widely divergent views about monetary policy.

brainard is the federal open market committee ( FOMC) Members have the right to vote is one of the fed's policy meeting in September before the end, a public official of speech. Some market participants speculated that brainard in preparation for the rate of speech is seen as a market a chance.

economists at Goldman sachs said in a report: & other; The lack of a clear signal is meaningful, because if increases in interest rates is likely, then the fed will endeavour to promote the market move in the direction of expected to raise interest rates. ”

economists also said that given the federal reserve to raise interest rates intentions, they have to reduce the subjective probability of the federal reserve to raise interest rates further.
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