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'Grand meeting' post operation skills quality testing operation skills

by:Deyuan      2020-07-30
To encourage employees to learn on the job, the steadfast work, continuously strengthen the professional level, improve operation skills, improve work efficiency, and create a good working atmosphere, in the company's support and encouragement, sponsored by the union of 'post operation skills contest' 'quality inspection skills play' on December 29, 2017 was successfully held in the quality assurance department. It divided into two parts, the written and speaking. The written part adopts unified title, the collective appraisal way, the employees work in field problems and matters needing attention in the written examination. Manner of speaking part to draw topic, combined with the department of work content, content of sulfuric acid titration, the determination of the determination of pH and the content of toluene three analysis room often involves the work content as the subject, each contestant randomly assigned a topic, the preparations before the trial, in the process of experimental operation details, specification, accuracy, and after the experiment of cleaning, attribute comprehensive evaluation. Each participant is confident, procedures, looking forward to show good skills and elegant appearance. Technology center staff involved in the game this site visit. In to pick the players up at the same time, they are also carefully study, think hard, trying to find out the gap between himself and his, hope can do better in the future, more outstanding. After the game, we all feel full of harvest, learned a lot, later will be more study hard, work hard and continuously improve their skill levels, so as to improve the work efficiency. Through this competition activities, build a positive working atmosphere, to enhance the employee's job role, but also encourage employees to learn each other, complement each other, and jointly promote skills and level, and improve the work efficiency of the whole team.
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