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High concentrations of DMF extraction technology and equipment of wastewater containing salt

by:Deyuan      2020-08-28
N, N - Dimethyl formamide, DMF for short, is a colorless, transparent liquid, strong polarity, and in the water, ether, acetone, grease, unsaturated hydrocarbons, aromatic hydrocarbon immiscible, is called the 'universal solvent', is widely used in petroleum chemical industry, synthetic organic, inorganic chemicals, pesticide, pharmaceutical, and other fields. DMF can contact through breathing, skin damage to human health, damage eyes several times, the human body for a long time contact or suction machine will prevent blood and liver. In water can lead to biological chemical oxygen consumption and nitrogen content increased, the water quality to deteriorate rapidly, and extremely difficult to biodegrade.

the DMF wastewater treatment methods mainly include distillation, extraction method, biochemical method, supercritical water oxidation method, chemical method, chemical method and so on. Industry for high concentration DMF wastewater often adopt the method of multistage distillation process, however, in some industrial production process of wastewater often contains salt, the rectification method processing equipment easy to damage, high processing power, and the yield of DMF is low. DMF solvent extraction according to different concentration of saline wastewater, chooses the suitable extraction solvents, can greatly improve the DMF recovery.

a biotechnology company, henan DMF wastewater produced during production, DMF content is 26%, the salt content is 10%, dark brown, wastewater quantity for 20 m after a/d. The company adopts the CWL250 - M type centrifugal extraction machine for wastewater treatment. The operation is simple, easy to key equipment, running with low power consumption, good separation effect. After wastewater treatment in DMF content lower than 0. 5%, DMF recovery rate is as high as 98%.
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