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High efficiency copper extractant

by:Deyuan      2020-12-19


Copper extractant AD-100. This product is yellow or amber liquid. With the organic thinner of Zhengmao petrochemical no. 260 solvent oil, improve the extraction rate!

This product is a yellow or amber liquid. Specification physical parameters: specific gravity (25℃) g/ml0.95 ~ 0.97 viscosity (centiper) 25℃ mm2/s120 ~ 130 flash point (℃) ≥62 characteristic parameters: Copper saturation capacity g/l (10 v/v) extraction kinetics of 5.5 ~ 6.0 (25 ℃) close to balance % 15 seconds> 8530> 95 back extraction kinetics (25 ℃) close to balance % 15 seconds> 25 ℃ isothermal point g/l 95 copper extraction phase> 4.3 < 1.7 copper stripping 25 ℃ isothermal point g/l organic phase 2.3 or less water acuity 32.0 copper, iron, and selective> 2000 phase separation (in seconds) extraction < 60 reverse extraction < 60 extraction solubility 24 hours no precipitation use: this product is a kind of high efficient copper extraction agent, widely used in the extraction of copper element separation.

Packing: packed in 195Kg plastic lined iron drum. Storage and transportation: Handle with care during transportation to prevent collision. Store in cool, ventilated and dry warehouse, waterproof and rainproof
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