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High salt organic wastewater pretreatment for sodium sulfate sodium acetate - Centrifugal extraction process equipment is introduced

by:Deyuan      2020-09-11
Organic wastewater containing sodium sulfate and sodium carbonate is in the process of pesticide, pharmaceutical, chemical and other industries can produce high salinity organic wastewater, some salinity can up to 15% or higher. High salinity organic wastewater besides itself contains a high concentration of salt, there are a lot of toxic refractory, dissolving organic matter in COD is also high, wastewater emissions will bring very serious environmental pollution.

this kind of waste water soluble organic matter content high, the general physical and chemical method is difficult to deal with, can use biochemical treatment, and a large amount of salts in the wastewater biochemical treatment, therefore, must be in addition to salt. At the same time, in view of this kind of wastewater COD content is too high, must first carries on the pretreatment, the COD reached to the degree of biodegradation. The process is commonly: pretreatment - — In addition to salt - — Biochemical treatment.

but traditional pretreatment methods have some limitations, such as Feton wastewater treatment method, it can only deal with waste water COD content is not high, and low processing efficiency, high cost. So, for COD content higher sodium acetate sodium sulfate high salt organic wastewater treatment, pretreatment, In addition to the organic composition, COD) , how to select high efficiency and low cost technology and equipment?

mixing and separation of experts - — Zhengzhou extraction technology co. , LTD. In view of high salinity organic wastewater of high COD concentration traditional pretreatment technology defects, this paper proposes a new, effective pretreatment technology and equipment - — Solvent extraction technology and. cwl - M centrifugal extraction equipment, the technology and equipment production efficiency is high, the cost is low.

1, pretreatment Sodium acetate sodium sulfate - high salt organic wastewater treatment Extraction process:

( 1) Extraction stages: adding sulfuric acid to adjust the PH of the sodium sulfate wastewater, then add the complexation extraction agent, let it contact with sodium sulfate wastewater mixed, use of pollutants in the water and solvent in different than the separation and extraction of the distribution of the pollutants.
  ( 2) Reverse extraction, extraction agent, will load the solvent extraction, and then be reused.

  2、CWL- M centrifugal extraction equipment performance advantages:

( 1) High extraction efficiency, lover, large quantity
( 2) Cover an area of an area small, operation
( 3) Continuous operation, and can realize intelligent control
( 4) Equipment material corrosion, adapt to acid alkali

3 high salt and high COD concentration organic wastewater pretreatment - Customer case centrifugal extraction process is introduced:

zhengzhou extraction technology center has several high salt chemical industry clients with the high COD concentration organic wastewater pretreatment experiment, customers on the zhengzhou extraction separation effect is very satisfied. Please consult the specific experimental data online customer service, or make a phone call!

this process for high COD content and contains a lot of salt, high concentration phenol or containing aniline, benzene, acetic acid and other industrial wastewater has the advantages of high extraction method can quickly and effectively remove organic matter in waste water, and can process production continuity, high production efficiency, compared with other treatment methods during the processing of the required conditions, the threshold is low, easy to control, reduce the difficulty of processing, extraction and reverse extraction, the extraction agent can be recycled, reduce the production cost.

later again to remove organic matter of sodium acetate sodium sulfate with high salt waste water of MVR process to remove salt, salt was isolated, you can into the biochemical system, easily meets the wastewater discharge standards stipulated by the state.

more technical details, please consult the online customer service!
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