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High salt waste water how to deal with - The extraction process of high salt waste water better economy benefit

by:Deyuan      2020-09-06
High salt waste water in the solution usually contains a certain amount of organic pollutants and inorganic salt ions, but contains high concentration of organic matter and how ion concentration does salt waste water, there is no standard. Some researchers think that high salt waste water, is refers to the total salinity ( With NaCl content meter) At least 1% of the waste water; Some scholars believe that high salt organic wastewater is organic and at least 3. 5% ( The mass fraction) The total soluble solids content of wastewater.

high salt waste water there are two main sources: (1) in the petrochemical, pharmaceutical, dye, leather processing, textile and other industrial production process, the inevitable produces a large amount of waste water, waste water not only contains high inorganic ions, such as sodium, chloride, calcium ion, sulfuric acid root ion, etc. , also contains a high concentration of organic pollutants; (2) is for the sake of making effective use of water resources, saving water resources, some conditional coastal cities for flushing the toilet and roads, or in seafood processing and other industrial production process, using seawater as industrial water, due to the high salt content, water produced in the process of using mixed with organic pollutant discharge together, became a high salt organic wastewater treatment.

in high salt wastewater containing high concentration of soluble salt ions and organic pollutants, untreated water direct emissions to the environment, on the one hand will adverse impact on water and damage to the environment, on the other hand, a large amount of toxic and harmful organic matter also may do harm to people's health. As environmental regulations become stricter and the people for the continuous improvement of living environment environmental protection requirements, the economically efficient way of high salt wastewater treatment is becoming more and more important.

by cultivating domesticated, or directly adding the halophilic bacteria could be high salt wastewater treatment by microorganisms, but halophilic bacteria are generally poor adaptability, the environmental conditions demanding, and because of all kinds of high salt waste water containing organic matter composition is different, some high salt waste water containing toxic organic matter is larger, so the domestication for halophilic bacteria biological there is a big difficulty, in the aspect of practical application is limited by the larger.

in the extraction of high salt waste water pollutants has higher selectivity, and on the high salt wastewater treatment has broad application range, for some high salt organic wastewater containing high concentration of organic matter and components is relatively single, extraction method can be used for processing, not only reduce the concentration of the organic matter in waste water, increase its are in reason, also part of the material can be recycled, increase the efficiency. Experiments show that with aniline high salt waste water as an example, shows that extraction processing:

1, using complexation extraction combined with biological contact oxidation process for salt quality score 3. 6% of aniline production waste water processing, the use of extractant P507 / kerosene as waste water, waste water pH 8 ~ 9, kerosene and water volume ratio of 1:10, when the extraction time for 60 min in high salt wastewater of aniline removal rate reached more than 95%, CODCr removal rate reached 76%, in the waste water after treatment of high salt wastewater biochemical process has been greatly improved.

2, adopt silicon rubber mould extraction treatment with o-toluidine and high salt waste water of toluidine. When extraction time of 12 h, the removal rate of aromatic amine reached 87. 9%, silicone rubber mold extracted the high salt wastewater treatment effect is good, the recovery rate of aromatic amine for 68. 1%, recycling part of the product.

a diversity of high salt waste water, waste water composition complex, all kinds of waste water treatment method has its applicable range and advantages and disadvantages, in the practical application requirements from high salt waste water indicators, investment cost and operation cost of various comprehensive consideration to choose suitable treatment scheme, to achieve optimum high salt waste water processing.

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