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High zinc appeared in short supply of zinc refresh repeatedly

by:Deyuan      2020-12-23
Last year market forecast in 2016 the global zinc will appear in short supply, the current feedback from the market, there has been a short-term phenomenon. Combined with 2015 - Zinc ore imports contrast figure in China in 2016, it can be seen that monthly zinc ore imports this year are less than the same period last year, and the difference increased gradually.
2015 foreign several big zinc mines shut down, such as Australia's largest Century mine, Irish Lisheen mine, Canada Duck pond, Poland Bukowno - Olkusz large mines, such as additional glencore announced cut 500000 tons of zinc metal content, suspended some zinc mines.

affected by zinc supply shortage, the global zinc appeared in short supply. The international lead and zinc study group ( ILZSG) Recently, according to data released in May, the global zinc market supply surged to 68700 tons, the revised April for a shortage of 5000 tons, the first five months of this year supply of 64000 tons, and in the same period last year to 177000 tons of excess.

in the fundamentals of zinc supply shortage, so far this year the two cities of zinc all the way up, refresh repeatedly tall, Aaron zinc hit on May 19, 2015, the highest since 2294. 5 dollars/ton, Shanghai zinc main contract hit 2011 since August 8, 17555 yuan/ton.

the two cities of zinc are still rising channel, but gains slowed, Aaron zinc attention last year 2400 dollars/tons of pressure, short-term investors profiting off the influence does not exclude the possibility to weaken.
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