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Hinatuan request environment lift transport suspended

by:Deyuan      2020-12-23
The nickel industry in Asia, 镍亚洲集团。 ) Subsidiary Hinatuan Mining, Corp. Asked the government to remove Hinatuan mining transportation license suspended Manicani island.

Hinatuan矿业集团。 Asia's nickel industry ( Nickel Asia) A wholly owned subsidiary. Government since the start of the suspension of the mine transport permits, said local & other; Excessive land extract & throughout; 。

Lopez said companies to use existing inventory repair dug up the earth's surface.

Hinatuan Mining, public relations manager Francis Malone, said using nickel ore inventory to repair the surface is not possible. “ Who will go to restore them? Restore to them? These inventory to process. We can't put them back, & throughout; Malones said.

in the early 90 s the government suspended Hinatuan operations. Mining and geological science bureau command in 2014 of the push to save nickel stock.

” They didn't give us any opportunity to communicate. Is unfair to our evaluation, & throughout; Malones said.

Hinatuan Mine project manager Manolito Javar said the government's accusations are unfounded.

Javar said about 1. 4 million tons of nickel ore inventory, the company exports to China only about 26. 50000 tons.

Manicani also requires the government to lift the moratorium on local residents, because many people affected by the moratorium. Community leaders Imelda Raganas, said the government should be allowed to continue to transport in stock, so that residents can get income.

” We have no other source of income. We called on the government to allow nickel ore transportation, & throughout; Raganas said.

the data provided by the company showed that 495 local residents caused by moratorium on unemployment.

at the same time, the nickel industry in Asia, 镍亚洲集团。 ) Vice President Jose Bayani Baylon said the company is currently waiting for mine. “ We are waiting for the DENR arrangement time review the HMC stock transport homework as soon as possible, restore transport to ease environmental crisis and bring revenue to local residents, & throughout; Baylon said.
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