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Hong Kong export shipments fell again in June to 1%

by:Deyuan      2020-12-23
On Tuesday, On July 26) The census and statistics department of Hong Kong, China, according to data released on June Hong Kong goods exports year-on-year decline again widened to 1%, 14 consecutive months of decline, but in the second quarter of decline significantly narrowed in the first quarter.

, according to Hong Kong, China, June import shipments fell 0. 9%, a decline narrowed in May. Month posted a visible trade deficit of hk $45. 6 billion, equivalent to import value of 13. 3%.

the Hong Kong government spokesman said the sluggish global demand, exports fell slightly from the same period a year earlier in June, the main market performance. However, exports in the second quarter fell by 1. In the first quarter of 2%, a 6. 8% decline significantly narrowed, shows that in recent months, the performance of the improved relatively.

in the future, spokesman pointed out that the prison in the British referendum results support from the European Union, advanced market slow recovery, the major central bank monetary policy towards the differences, and geopolitical tensions in some areas of uncertain factors, the foreign trade environment remains challenging.

Hong Kong, China, 2016-1 The decline in exports at an annual rate of 3 June. 9%, but imports also fell 5. 6%. In the first half of the visible trade deficit of hk $199. 6 billion, equivalent to 10 but imports. 8%.
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