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How to choose suitable for production process of extraction equipment

by:Deyuan      2020-09-13
Extraction equipment choice often require before middle experiment was carried out, must be the equipment performance, the design method, to enlarge investment and maintenance, such as the reliability of operating a comprehensive consideration and evaluation, however, how to choose the suitable process of extraction equipment, has become a very important problem, the following simple analysis about how to choose to suit our production processes of extraction equipment.
when you need to deal with a small difference in density between the system, high mass transfer efficiency of extraction process, centrifugal extraction machine will be the right choice, face to face with convective lower extraction process, can choose extraction tower, extraction tower can completely meet the needs of process, can be very good to reduce cost, when you need to flow more than when range larger extraction process is to choose the extraction tank, its design method is more reliable.
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