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How to deal with 2 - centrifugal extraction machine Naphthol wastewater into

by:Deyuan      2020-09-07
2 - Naphthol is also called the beta Naphthol, b naphthol, is an important organic chemical raw materials and dye intermediates, mainly used in dyes, organic pigments, rubber protective agent and in medicine and pesticide industry. In the process of refined naphthalene production will produce a large number of 2 - Toxicity of naphthol wastewater, wastewater concentration is high, big, difficult to biochemical degradation, cause greater harm to human body and environment. So using solvent extraction will be 2 - Naphthol extraction enrichment made from raw material to produce high efficiency water reducing agent, waste.

solvent extraction not only has the advantages of low equipment investment, cover an area of an area small, the advantages of simple operation, and the main pollutants can effectively recycle, is widely used in reversible complexation reaction of polar organic compounds extraction separation.
   2 - Naphthol wastewater extraction process principle:

( 1) Extraction section:

according to the composition of wastewater by selecting the corresponding extraction solvent, the extracting agent and waste water according to certain proportion respectively from two feeding tube into the mixing zone, mixing and mass transfer process through the turbine disc and the impeller. And through the effects of the centrifugal drum, complete two phase separation process.

2 - after primary extraction Naphthol wastewater from dark brown to light yellow, after the secondary extraction wastewater from light yellow to colorless, transparent, COD removal rate is more than 99%, and equipment operation stability, effectively remove organic matter in wastewater.
   ( 2) Reverse extraction section:

extraction after � � � load extraction agent and alkali liquor into reverse extraction machine, through the extraction, the extraction with alkali agent in the organic matter resolution to the aqueous phase, mainly for the naphthalene sulfonic acid sodium salt, used in the production of high efficiency water reducing agent.
   2 - Naphthol wastewater extraction equipment figure:

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