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How to determine the extraction reagent

by:Deyuan      2021-03-05

in principle:
1.The extract is easily soluble or extremely soluble in the extractant, and the solubility is greater than, preferably, much greater than the solubility in the original solvent.
2.The extract, the extractant and the original solvent will never undergo a chemical reaction, and no chemical reaction will occur when the three are mixed.
3.The extractant and the original solvent have a larger density difference, the larger the better.
4. The extractant is slightly soluble, insoluble or extremely insoluble in the original solvent, the better in Vietnam.
5.The extraction agent is generally liquid, which is convenient to increase the contact surface to increase the collection speed, and to facilitate collection and separation processing.
6. In chemical experiments, the organic solvents commonly used as extractants are carbon tetrachloride and benzene, especially carbon tetrachloride. It is extremely difficult to dissolve in water and is not easy to react. The disadvantage is that both of them are toxic and volatile. Be sure to pay attention to safety when experimenting. Ventilation and turning on the desktop exhaust fan are very important.

What reagents are used for liquid separation and extraction?

The instrument for liquid separation is a separatory funnel. The extractant is generally an organic extractant that is insoluble in water, such as benzene, carbon tetrachloride, straight-run gasoline, etc. (note that you cannot use cracked gasoline because it contains unsaturated double bonds. Addition reaction is prone to occur). Organic solvents that are miscible with water such as ethanol cannot be used because the extraction effect will be lost.

The difference between extraction and liquid separation

Extraction is a method of separating substances, which takes advantage of the difference in solubility of two substances in the extractant~
Liquid separation is a chemical operation method. Generally, the layered liquid after extraction is subjected to liquid separation operation.
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