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How to extract with solvent extraction technology high concentration phenol wastewater

by:Deyuan      2020-09-05
Over the years, researchers at home and abroad for the treatment of wastewater containing phenol and recycling have done a lot of work, and has developed a variety of methods, including physical method, chemical method, biological method and combined processing technology for a few kinds big. Zhengzhou days extraction at present are summarized the common phenol wastewater treatment technology, and the application prospect and development trend of solvent extraction technology has made the outlook.

solvent extraction solvent extraction method is currently the most sophisticated processing technology, has been widely used in industry in the treatment of wastewater containing phenol. This method is the use of poorly soluble in water extraction agent contact with the waste water, realize the phenolics phase transfer. Its advantage is that less investment in equipment, cover an area of an area small, easy operation, low energy consumption, and phenolics in recycling waste water effectively, suitable for high concentration treatment of wastewater containing phenol. Weakness is in the process of extraction backmixing, thereby causing loss to the solvent and secondary pollution.
extraction agent affect the extracting operation effect and product quality, composition, degree of separation, so choose economic and efficient phenolic recycling and renewable extraction agent is a key to the implementation of the waste water containing phenol extraction technology. Currently use more traditional industrial extraction with benzene and heavy benzene, N - 503 kerosene, acetic acid ethyl ester, isopropyl ether, acetophenone, tributyl phosphate and cool ( 真沸点) And so on. The N - 503 is the most commonly used efficient dephenolizing extractant, single-stage extraction rate can reach more than 95%. But the amount of waste water containing phenol extraction after still does not meet the discharge standards, for a level of recycling. To achieve emission standards, to make waste water must be for the secondary biochemical treatment. Now, new research and development of the extraction agent, such as Z at Shanghai university. Synthesis of N - Li, etc The bitterness which the luo alkanes ( OPOD) , phenol of phenol extraction performance better, is of high efficiency and extraction distribution ratio is as high as more than 400. Zhu Mou using dimethyl carbonate, such as cool DMC} 30 j for the treatment of wastewater containing phenol extraction, and achieved good results, and points out that DMC is a good solvent, in the storage and transportation, use, high safety, low toxicity and is worth extending green solvent.

Chufen Y with methyl isobutyl ketone (such as MIBK) As extraction agent to deal with coal gasification wastewater containing phenol wastewater containing phenol amount 5000 mg/L, CODcr value is 20000 mg/L, pH 10. Process flow diagram is shown in figure 2. 1, to be processed waste water into the static mixer, and from the MIBK solvent extraction tower and mixed flow, the extraction solvent and waste water volume ratio, That � �) 1:6, after extraction function, enter the oil-water separator stationary 24 min, extraction liquid into the extraction tower, again through the multi-stage countercurrent extraction. After dealing with the wastewater of total phenol removal rate over 93%, also reduce the CODCr values, removal rate over 80%. The extraction agent can be used by distillation separation, regeneration, satisfies the requirement of cycle extraction, at the same time effective recovery of phenolics.
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