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How to make sure our reagent is workable in your plant?

How to make sure our reagent is workable in your plant?


Most customer worry to break their working system at beginning of use our extraction reagent, this is normal concern for any person. If you can pass through the below test, you can free to use it without concern:

  1. Use our reagent and your using reagent to do a laboratory test one by one, so as to compare the extraction ability, phase separation time and situation;

  2. Take your using organic phase, mix with our organic (V/V, 1:1), then do a laboratory test to check the extraction ability, phase separation situation, and confirm whether it has untoward effect.

  3. If above tests all be regular, it means that both reagents can be mixed to use together.

Laboratory test process:

a. Dilute copper extraction reagent: Base the Cu+ content of PLS (Lixivium liquid), add suitable No.260 solvent oil to dilute the organic. Such as the content of copper is 5 g/L, if we use DZ988N, the copper net transfer is 2.7 g/L, 0.27 g/100ml, 5/0.27=18.5, so the organic should be dilute to 19%. (Laboratory test usually use 100 ml);

b. Pour the prepared organic phase to PLS: according to the volume rate of 1:1, and fully mix it over 3 minutes, then record the time to stand the phase till it is separated, you will know the phase separation time. Then pour out the inorganic solution;

c. Pour 180g/L H2SO4 to the left organic phase in rate of 2:1-4:1 (V:V), and mix it 3 minutes, then record the back extraction time, we will get pure CuSO4. The reverse extracted organic phase can be used again.

Please click here to view the operation video: 

In practice, if the calculated concentration more than 20%, please change the phase ratio of organic phase to aqueous phase=2:1.

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