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How to properly maintain large capacity centrifuge

by:Deyuan      2020-07-27

super capacity of centrifuge just as its name, the design focus is to expand the capacity, make the centrifuge can be used to expand the scope of. Large capacity of centrifuge not how cheap price, the key lies in can give consumers the impression that the high cost performance, remove the customer about the price of their worries and concerns. In addition to master the tip on the level of screening, also deal with maintenance measures to establish the correct idea, prevent deviation appears. , used to finish in time to cut off the power supply part of the operating personnel each finished with large capacity centrifugal opportunity to forget to turn off the power supply, although believed to be a careless's loss, but just is easy to reduce this kind of do not pay attention to the behavior of the centrifuge use period. Considering the responsible for manipulation of the large capacity of the centrifuge is not fixed, everyone should be finished timely shut off the power, restore the original Settings. , preparation of the material to be evenly placed on the large capacity of centrifuge quality stands up to scrutiny, in order to standardize the operation behavior of users, also specially attach operational procedures, in turn, is the marked on the focus of concern. Take, for example, when placed a lot of people in the material is the way out at random, is not conducive to the normal operation of the large capacity of centrifuge, the need to uphold the principle of uniform placement. Although, strictly put an end to overdrive inappropriate behavior significantly improved its large capacity centrifuge in performance, but does not mean that can control at will, be sure to pay attention to the rationality of the method of operation. Similar to overdrive, using inappropriate behavior, such as overtime to slam the door in time off, even the quality of super capacity of centrifuge again, also need to follow the strict operating requirements, otherwise there will be a big failure. If abnormal situation found in large capacity during the running of the centrifuge, should immediately stop check maintenance work, continue to use again after thoroughly solve the problem. In addition to the designation of personnel for taking care of large capacity centrifuge run, in a timely manner will be nipped it in the bud, to prevent the small fault development in the direction of expansion, believe that this is the scene of consumers don't want to see.
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